BMT AllergyGuard Screens

BMT AllergyGuard is a high performance nano-fiber screen mesh on rolls. An advanced home and institutional window screen engineered to block most airborne allergens and ultra-fine dust:

  • Unlike conventional window screen, BMT AllergyGuard blocks most bacteria, fly ash, pollen, hair and agricultural & airborne dust. It forms a defensive barrier to prevent entry into the home or office
  • Excellent filtering efficiency to block ultra-fine particulate matter & allergens down to 300 nano meters
  • By comparison, standard window fly screen only filters a much larger particle size of 2,000,000 nano meters
  • High porosity 80-85% = High permeability for excellent air circulation
  • High strength 3-layer construction for superior durability
  • Blocks 95% of rain and water
  • Excellent visibility while blocking more than 90% of UV Light and 50% of Infrared Light


For BMT AllergyGuard product brochure, click here.