BMT BioFibers & CiCLO® Bio-D Polyester Fibers

Sustainable Solutions

  • Multi-Track Sustainability.
  • Responding to BMT client needs to support a broader vision for the future of sustainable polyester supply chains.
  • To meet the demands of the planet, our consumers, and our clients.


BMTFIBERS provides 100% Polyester Staple Fiber GRS Certified meeting all requirements of the Global Recycled Standard for third-party certification of Recycled Content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions.



BMTBIOFIBERS provide natural & biodegradable fibers for applications throughout the industry.

  • Our line of biodegradable polyester fibers, yarns and roll goods offers multiple solutions including, CiCLO® technology, hemp, banana, jute, burlap, and coir.
  • Sustainable choices that include fibers that are durable and biodegradable.
  • Clean and conscious ingredients for a sustainable future.
  • Low bio-impact, high consumer demand.
  • Considers post-life circularity, recycling, reusing and biodegradability.
  • CiCLO® Bio-D Polyester Fibers engineered to decrease micro-fiber and general polyester pollution in the environment.



CiCLO® technology is a nature-based solution to help mitigate fugitive synthetic microfiber pollution caused by textiles. When CiCLO® polyester fibers unavoidably leak into the environment, they behave more like natural fibers, such as wool. As a result, we leave less waste behind on our journey to create a more healthy, happy planet.


BMT Fibers proudly offers CiCLO® Bio-D Polyester Fibers.
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CiCLO® technology empowers our specialty CiCLO® Bio-D polyester fibers to biodegrade in wastewater treatment plants, soil, landfills, and seawater.

  • A high-tech master batch additive.
  • Nontoxic, safe, biophilic polymer formulation.
  • Mainly organic macromolecules, compatible with standard polyester.
  • Permanently and uniformly embedded in matrix of the PET polyester.
  • Creates countless biodegradable spots where microbes can build a functional reaction that biodegrades the material.


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