BMT Chemical

Our BMT Chemical Division services the international Polyurethane Foam markets with high quality raw materials:

  • Conventional Polyol, Polymeric Polyol and TDI
  • 55 gallon drums, 1 MT IBC (Intermediate bulk containers) and 20 MT Flexibag bulk transport
  • Specialty chemical products and additives associated with the PU foam industry
  • Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI 80/20)
  • Methyl Diphenyl Diisocyanate (MDI)
  • Polyether Polyols for flexible slab stock & molding:
    • Styrene and Acrylonitrile graft Polyether Polyol
    • Conventional 3000/3500 molecular weight Polypropylene Oxide / Ethylene Oxide Polyether triol
  • Polyether Polyols for rigid foams
  • Polyether Polyols for CASE applications
  • PU additives including silicone surfactants, flame retardant silicone surfactants, Stannous Octoate catalyst, Methylene Chloride Urethane grade
  • PU Scrap Foam
Polyether Polyols for rigid foams