COVID-19 NATIONAL EMERGENCY ACTION: BMT has shifted production to maximize national availability of BMT VirusGuard NanoScreen filtration products for makers of personal protective safety masks and heavy-duty Safety Barrier Curtain products for indoor workspaces & field operations. LEARN MORE.


BMT VirusGuard NanoScreen™ Filtration

BMT VirusGuard Mask Filtration Products & Safety Barrier Screen
Made with BMT NanoScreen™ Technology


BMT NanoScreen™ filtration products defend & mitigate against a wide range of airborne droplets that can carry many viruses including COVID-19.

Excellent filtration efficiency engineered to block microscopic airborne particles in a nanofiltration mesh range of 20-800 nanometers (0.02 – 0.8 microns).

BMT VirusGuard Reusable Mask Fabric on Rolls

  • 2 Fabric options available: 5-layer final fabric ready for REUSABLE mask production or 3-layer core filtration fabric for DISPOSABLE masks
  • Packed on rolls in individual cartons
  • Roll-ready for cut & sew or ultrasonic welding of safety mask production by designated DoD & broad market manufacturers / BMT can recommend manufacturers for DoD / VA / FEMA contracts
  • 5-layer fabric produces a mask that is hand-washable with soap & water / durable & reusable. 3-layer fabric becomes reusable / washable after covering with external fabrics of any type.
  • See below photo of a sample reusable mask made with BMT VirusGuard 5-layer fabric
  • Made with BMT NanoScreen™ Technology

BMT VirusGuard Safety Barrier Screen on Rolls

  • See-through / talk through safety barrier screen curtain that blocks droplets carrying COVID-19
  • Appearance = looks like a window screen
  • For use in a wide range of indoor and outdoor framed or hanging barrier screens to defend against the spread of airborne viruses across open workspaces, employees & customers
  • Packed on rolls in individual cartons
  • Ready for direct shipment to field operations for on-site cut / tape / hang to mitigate spread of COVID-19 virus across critical personnel working in proximity
  • Medical facility curtains
  • Grade 4 expedited medical facility construction
  • Mobile hospital unit segregation curtains
  • Safe-zone passage curtains / Drop curtains
  • Pipe & drape divider barriers
  • Commercial & residential safety barrier curtains
  • Nursing home & hospital doorway barrier curtains
  • Mortuary affairs segregation curtains
  • Made with BMT NanoScreen™ Technology


ORDER LEAD TIME:   7-10 day express delivery from PO date to any commercial client or DoD designated vendor mask or barrier screen production site or to any field operation unit that requires Safety Barrier Curtain Screen on rolls

VENDOR DATA:   BMT Fibers / 950 Third Avenue, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10022, United States of America
TAX ID # = 13-496-8837
DUNS # = 01-191-1716
BMT is an American company established in 1922 and a leader in the USA & global technical textile fibers market

RESTRICTIONS:   BMT cannot supply finished masks of any type due to a major global shortage of these products.

CERTIFICATION:   We certify that BMT pricing is being held at our 2019 pre-COVID-19 USA national market pricing for the same or similar BMT products. BMT will not tolerate abusive pricing at times of national emergency. Subject to changes in raw materials costs and ocean / land / air freight market movements.


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