CiCLO® Bio-D™ Polyester Fibers

“Made to last” doesn’t have to mean “here forever.”

Key Benefits of CiCLO® Bio-D™ Fibers

  • Fiber Durability / Functionality / Recyclability is the same as regular polyester staple fiber
  • Chemistry Used to Create CiCLO® Bio-D™ Fibers is ECO PASSPORT Certified by OEKO-TEX
  • Non-Toxic to Marine Life
  • ASTM Lab-Tested, Fully Documented, and Traceable
  • Global Network of Certified Manufacturers

CiCLO® Bio-D™ polyester staple fiber is proven to biodegrade at greatly accelerated rates compared to conventional polyester in wastewater treatment sludge, soil, anaerobic landfill conditions, and sea water. Long term biodegradation studies are conducted by third party test labs using internationally recognized ASTM and ISO Test Methods.

What are CiCLO® Bio-D™ Fibers?

A nature-based solution to help mitigate fugitive synthetic microfiber pollution caused by textiles. When CiCLO® Bio-D™ polyester fibers unavoidably leak into the environment, they behave more like natural fibers such as cotton or wool. CiCLO® Bio-D™™ Fibers leave less waste behind on our journey to create a more healthy planet.

CiCLO® technology empowers our specialty CiCLO® Bio-D™ polyester fibers to biodegrade in wastewater treatment plants, soil, landfills, and seawater.

  • A high-tech master batch additive.
  • Nontoxic, safe, biophilic polymer formulation.
  • Mainly organic macromolecules, compatible with standard polyester.
  • Permanently and uniformly embedded in matrix of the PET polyester.
  • Creates countless biodegradable spots where microbes can build a functional reaction that biodegrades the material.

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