Natural & Biodegradable Products

BMT Jute Goods and Products

BMT Jute Goods and Products

BMT: A Major Global Merchant of Biodegradable and Sustainable Natural Fibers

Natural Fibers: Jute Goods

BMT offers natural and biodegradable jute products:

  • Hessian Cloth (burlap): 5oz. to 12 oz.; 27 to 180 inches wide; packed in 250 to 4000 yard bales or put up on 100 to 2000 yard rolls
  • Hessian Bags and Sacking: All sizes, weights, and packing; with/without printing, tie strings, and polyethylene liners; Herakles or chain stitch sewn; turned/unturned
  • Leno Jute Netting: 98 inch and 196 inch widths 45 grams put up on 2200 yard rolls
  • Specialty Products: Decorative dyed hessian cloth; fire retardant, and/or water repellent burlap; nursery squares/liners, plain or treated;
  • Soil Erosion Control Cloth: 48” wide 1.22 lbs. put up on 75 yard rolls
  • Jute Webbing: 5 lbs. to 12 lbs.; 2 to 4 inches wide; put up on 72 yard rolls; packed 24 rolls per bale
  • Raw Jute: Various grades of tossa and white jute

BMT Coir Goods and Products

Natural Fibers: Coir Logs

BMT offers natural and biodegradable coir log products:

  • Coir logs: 12”-20” wide 7 and 9lb density with coir or polypropylene netting
  • Coir matting: 400 -1,000 gsm 2×50 mtr and 4×50 mtr put up on rolls
  • Coir rope: 3 ply 8 mm 600-1,200 ft spools wrapped or put in individual cartons

BIO-D™ Grow Pots

BIO-D™ Grow Pots:

  • Produced from 100% plant based breathable fabric. 100% biodegradable and compostable pots
  • Available in 1-400 gallon sizes

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